Henna Mehandi For The Wedding Season, Lets Learn !!

Henna Mehandi For The Wedding Season, Lets Learn !!

Hi All , I know a lot of you love Henna Mehandi and it is one thing that I personally look forward to during weddings . Though a lot of us prefer getting it done from a professional , it is pretty easy and fun to do it ourselves. I know a lot of you are confused on how to go about it , maybe the below write-up will help you with it .

Where do you start?

Start with printing out or looking for designs that you would love. Now you could use Pinterest or even Henna Mehandi design books that you get in store . Well , what you make need not be exact copy of the design .You can take an inspiration from it instead. I personally draw what I feel like and that is perfect for me .

Find your nearest local stores that keep Henna Mehandi cones or you could also make it as home. You could purchase a normal mehandi and make a paste of it . This paste would be added to a plastic cone and you could use it as you wish 🙂

How long do I leave them on ?

This one purely depends on your body heat. My body is normally very warm and I leave them on only for above 4 hours so that it turns red . If I leave them longer than that , it turns black (LOL!!)

I made this henna mehandi design:

Today , I made this very pretty design by myself . Totally in love with mehandi, it looks so  beautiful in all seasons!! I am not a professional at all , so it is gonna look amaturish 🙂

Henna Mehandi

Henna Mehandi


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