Jhumka Mania!!

I have this craze over Jhumka over a very long time and i have no idea why!!!Image

I find them extremely fashionable and lovely. I just picked up my jewellery box today and I could not stop admiring the collection of Jhumkas I have.

Any wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of Jhumka. It is a must have for every girl and it just brings out the beautiful feature Indian women have!!

If you are one of those who don’t wear them often, just buy one defining piece that you can wear on special occasions.

6 Replies to “Jhumka Mania!!”

  1. jayaprakash gandhi says: Reply

    very good for who loves fashion keep doing great work anu

    1. thank you so much sir for taking time and seeing my blog.:)

  2. I agree with you and am totally part of th jhumka craze! 🙂
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

    1. 😀 Thats great!!! hi5:D

  3. I love jhumkas! Especially the huge silver ones with intricate work. I wouldn’t mind wearing it everyday even for work! 😀 you look lovely 🙂

    Found your blog through the CBC group 🙂

    1. hey thanku so much deepika that is really sweet of you.:)
      btw yeah i lovee those huge siver ones too 😀 they make the face look so pretty …!!!!

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