How not to wear a dress………!!!!!!!


I just found this picture on the internet , well my first reaction seeing this picture was ” What are you trying to do Sonam????”

I guess most people don’t know how to dress up , its easy , NEVER OVERDO anything … 🙂

On the left you have gorgeous Katy Perry And on the other side you have our Bollywood’s so called “Fashion Diva” Sonam Kapoor.

Katy has kept it simple and has let her hair down which completely gives a new life to that beautiful red dress she is wearing but , Sonam has badly over done everything .Her siren red lipsticks don’t suit her and those tacky hair bands spoil everything !!!!!!!! One would think it ends here, no , her heavy earring and those blushes make her look really desperate for attention !!

Lesson to be learnt –

Every dress has its own respect , don’t spoil it ..:) One can be simple and yet gorgeous , its a trick !!!!! 😀

What do you guys think????? Whose style will you follow- Katy or Sonam?

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  1. Of course Katy Perry!! I exactly feel the same about Sonam and fail to understand why she is called a ‘fashion diva’ in the first place!! 🙂

    1. lol i guess they just hype her up to get her more movies..:P

  2. We Indians overdo everything.. no wonder Indian brides look like caricatures of who they actually are. Sonam at Canne was the pits… !!

    1. Exacty!!!!!!! … well if she had done this for a Indian wear it would have not looked as odd as this one ..!!!

  3. She is obviously trying to be radical but seems she is unaware that it is killing her average looks.

    1. She never learns !!!! She tries being radical and every time it is a epic fail..:P

  4. I will choose elegant and classy over over-the-top and gaudy any day. At first I was like bleh this dress is velvet but then looking at KP I was like woah this dress is velvet!

    Xo GS
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    1. omg !!!! gal even i gave the same reaction seeing the picture…!!!! The dress completely depends on how a person carries himself/herself..:)

  5. your post is very nice i really like this its amazing blog

    1. hey thanku soo much 🙂

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