Manish Malhotra celebrating 100 years of Bollywood in London!!

Manish Malhotra celebrating 100 years of Bollywood in London!!

Hi All , I know for a lot of you guys (like me !!) have been loving Manish Malhotra since the beginning of time. He has always conquered all of Bollywood since a very long time.I have also liked it since my childhood and I always follow on what he upto. This one is something I bumped into recently . This was the show that he recently did in London and has every bling a typical Bollywood lover like me would enjoy.

Recently 100 years of Bollywood was celebrated in London and Manish Malhotra took the spotlight and hence the show.

I love these designs and I love this guy, he can make even the most simplest thing look chic.I was browsing and found these pictures on!!

Manish Malhotra and few outfits from his show

Manish malhotra london

The lehangas were so beautiful , I couldn’t stop staring at them .!!!

manish malhotra

manish malhotra manish malhotra

In this collection I love the way Ektha and Bipasha looked, absolutely “woow”…!! manish malhotra

ekta manish malhotra

Manish malhotra

manish malhotra men

Well even the menswear were equally awesome…:D

Now we know why almost all the celebrities love his design.!!!!This amazing guy has designed for celebrities such as Urmila,Bipasha Basu,Deepika Padukone,Kareena Kapoor,Aishwarya Rai,Priyanka Chopra,Alia Bhatt,Sonam Kapoor,Shilpa Shetty,Kajol,Karishma Kapoor,Anushka Sharma ,SRK ,Imran Khan ,Kalki …ufffff … ok the list doesn’t stop here ,he designed for Kylie Minogue and the pop king MICHAEL JACKSON too…woah!!!

I love Indian wear , though I do not wear them much . I love the intricacy and the depth Indian wear carries . This whole collection was a treat to my eye 🙂 Well to justify my love for Indian wear , let me share two of my post here so that you guys can see them 🙂

  1. My favorite one 
  2. The red one is pretty too 

Which one did you guys love 😀 Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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