Again Honey !!!

Yeah I am presently obsessed with honey !!!


Honey is for people who are health conscious and beauty conscious. 🙂

Here are few tips for those sweet-tooth people.. 😀

  • Eating honey helps prevent oral infection , you might have seen the earlier post about honey having anti-fungal properties.
  • Honey with lukewarm water early morning helps you to reduce weight by acting as a natural cleanser.
  • Honey applied on burns and infection heal quickly as they are anti-bacterial.
  • Use honey instead of sugar , it gives lesser calories .

Try it guys, and feedbacks are always welcome… 🙂

4 Replies to “Again Honey !!!”

  1. I really want one of those honey dipper twirly things there.

    1. You would find them in those handmade wooden artifact shops for sure..:)

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