Cheating Pedicure and Manicure ..!! ;)

You know one of those days when you don’t get time for pedicure or manicure but you just feel like doing them, I am facing one right now…!!! My semester exams are on and I am so not getting time for a perfect manicure ritual … 🙁 just sad isn’t it??? Unfortunately I don’t like it when they are not done from time to time so, I just found a shortcut cheat method … 😀 😉

I had this idea for a very long time and I didn’t want to post it till I kinda saw the result on myself.This pedicure and manicure has one main thing – “NO WATER”…!

Most of you will be having extreme winter now,you would really feel lazy getting up isn’t it??? This is definitely for lazy people like me .. 😀

Trick is to use “Petroleum Jelly” instead of water … 😀 You must be thinking I am insane… 😛 Nahhhh !!!!! it works try it ..!


How to do it ???

  • Wash your feet with warm water
  • Take lot of Petroleum Jelly ,here I am using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
  • Apply it on ur nails and the corner of the nail .
  • Use the sharp-edge tool which would be given in your pedicure kit to clean the corners of your nails.
  • Remove your Nail Polish and reapply the jelly
  • Massage your feet and your sole gently using a foot-cream ( I use Dr.Scroll Heel Repair Cream )
  • Leave it on !!
  • Same goes for your hands too except the foot-cream of course 😛

How are the results??

I love them , they take just 5 minutes to do, time it and see it …!!! Also I get a glossy feel on my nails which I absolutely love ..!!!

That is all for your Pedicure and manicure cheating technique .!!!

Do try them and feedbacks are always welcome.

I would love to know how it worked for you all .. 🙂


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