OOTD : Modern Hippie Style !!!


I don’t like to over-do dressing,I love simplicity and yet it should look fashionable .!!! Here you go , my first OOTD post !!! 😀

Here I am being extremely honest with you guys,I am not wearing any concealers or anything of that sort !!! They only stuff on my face are little bit of eye-liner , Kohl and Lipbalm !!!

Talking about my bracelet , I really got it from a Hippie .. 😉 Adds a bang to the outfit .. 😀 its my favorite and I love them because they are multicolored and can be paired with anything .. 🙂

Black is my all time favorite and I know it is hot here ,I shouldn’t be wearing black but who cares I just felt like … 🙂 I paired them up with a typical slim fit blue jeans which i guess every girl has in her wardrobe … 😀


I am so sorry I had to darken the background ,I didn’t want the store name to be seen .. 🙂


I beleive in spontaneous street fashion and, I literally grab and wear whatever I see !! 😛

9 Replies to “OOTD : Modern Hippie Style !!!”

  1. Great! You should do more of OOTD posts! I love the bracelet and your simple casual look! You have beautiful eyes! 🙂

  2. Hey Sarmistha ..:D Thanku so much its really sweet of you , I would surely do more of such post. 😀 Good to know you liked it .. 😀

  3. Nice pics; black is my favourite too, especially with blue! 🙂 even painted my room dark blue 😀

    1. 😀 hi5 then !!! I know there is nothing like BLACK 😀 btw thank you .:)


    1. Hey thankuuu so much Prashant ..:D

  5. ha ha ha… u look cute!!! and i have the same hippie wala bracelet!

    1. heheh Thanku …. I love those thingsss they look super crazy 😛 😀

      1. 🙂 🙂 They are crazily cute!

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