Day #3 : Athirappilly Waterfalls and Lulu Mall – Kochi <3

This was the day we were all looking forward too 😀 This fall looks beautiful in movies and we all wanted to see it badly 😀 This waterfalls is in Trissur District and is one of the major tourist attraction in Kerala 🙂 .As usual I got up really early and got all dressed up 😀 and we headed straight to Athirapilly Falls 🙂 It was sultry and hot but that didn’t stop us from enjoying 😀

Most of my friends jumped inside the backwater but I was enjoying the water around and clicking snaps 😀 Here are few of them hope you all like it 😀



The place was really crowed but yep I would rather click loads of photos than take a dip in it 😀 Well I forgot to mention that this fall is called as Nigara of India 🙂 and truly a beautiful thing to see 🙂


Since it was hot there and the water was not as fast as it generally is 🙂 If you are like me who would rather go sit there and enjoy the beauty ,this is not the month to go 🙂 You should go around september or october to see the Falls in its true form 🙂


Nevertheless any form of nature is always beautiful 😀

:D me me me
😀 me me me

It is evident that I never miss a chance of taking photos 😀 😀 I know my hair got really messy I am kinda embarrassed of this photo 😛 but can’t help it I had to show it 😀

The puppy look :D
The puppy look 😀
hehe Our guide who was always ready to pose for us :D
hehe Our guide who was always ready to pose for us 😀

_MG_2118 _MG_2139 _MG_2188 _MG_2217

We left the Falls by 3 or 3:30 pm and we headed to have our lunch 🙂 By the time we reached and finished our food it was 5 pm so going to Kochi Harbour was impossible hence we all headed to Lulu Mall in Kochi .It is the 2nd largest Mall in India after Phoenix Market City in Mumbai,Maharashtra. 🙂 Honestly the first place I wanted to go as soon as I reached the Mall was Food court but we instead opted to look around a bit and the gorge on food 😀

There was this art exhibition going on and I absolutely fell in love with it 😀

I love art and I do it kinda good enough but when I saw these painting I was mesmerised <3 Here are few of them 🙂 Hope you guys would like it too <3

_MG_2248 _MG_2249 _MG_2250 _MG_2251 _MG_2252 _MG_2261

This is not a part of the painting 😉 This is me 😛 No wonder why people call me modest 😉 😛


I din’t write much this time!!!!! “Picture speaks thousand words “:) don’t they ??? 😀

Keep following 🙂 and thank you for so much love 😀

Feedbacks ,suggestions or just even a Hi is always welcome 🙂 Do take time to comment  🙂

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  1. this is incredible for start…. just keep on gr8 work and spirit!! 🙂 all the best

    1. Hey prashanth thanku heaps <3

  2. beautiful narration…

    1. Hey thanku Partha 😀

  3. Didn’t want to share more of Lulu Mall pics? 😉 Watched any movie? Lulu’s PVR Cochin often has the cheaper tickets around 😀

    1. Most of the pic I took in Lulu were with my friends 🙂 So dint want to post that btw nope 🙁 dint see any movie ..I was busy eating there 😛

  4. Wow the pics of the ‘Niagara of India’ are stunning and so are the other pics! Heard a lot of Lulu must be really fun 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Yep it is 😀 you should go there sometime 😀

  5. Great post dear, these pics are wonderful!

    Viky — MySecretFashionPoison

    1. Hey thank you so much <3

  6. That’s lovely dear! You look pretty and the location is breath taking too !!!!!

    1. Hey Thank you heaps <3

  7. So beautiful pics and place. 😀

    1. Hey thannnku dear glad you liked it 😀

  8. Brilliant. I have never been here whenever I have visited Kochi but I will hopefully this year 🙂 lovely blog too

    1. Hey good to know you like it 😀 do visit it 😀

  9. Gorgeous! I love it!

    Diana /
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    Previews Post: [Personal Growth] How To Find Purpose and Monetize Your Passion

    1. Thanku so much girl <3

  10. Love the purple on you. The lip colors especially look good on you.. 🙂 I have been to Athirappilly falls..and its a beautiful place..

    1. Hey thank you heaps <3 glad you like it 😀

  11. Ohhh!!! The pictures are as lovely as you… I think you enjoyed allot 🙂

    1. Yep 😀 enjoyed a lot 😀 btw thanku dear 🙂

  12. Good snaps! btw, you actually managed to photograph paintings too? I thought they don’t allow it in art galleries.

    1. Nope they allowed it there 🙂 they were not the original one just the replica of the original paintings 😀

  13. Well! I suppose, you people visited Lulu in the evening and I’ve seen ya too. I would like to clarify it then! 😀

    PS: Found ya via the Indi confession page, though I didn’t get a chance to ping you there.

    – Rahul

    1. 😛 Yep visited it in the evening 😀 and lol I am in the confession page is it ?? god I really should remember things well from now on … btw thank you for visiting hea Rahul 😀 😀 😀 good u took time for this 😛 😛

      1. Uggggggggg!!!! *awesome*
        I’ve seen you people there then. You entered via the sub-pathway to Lulu, uh? 😀

        – Rahul

        1. omg yaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 small world 😛 isnt it ???? i dint c u though :/

          1. This is gonna be legendary! 😀 That awkward moment when I came to see a blogging friend… and she hadn’t come to know about it. 😛

            – Rahul

          2. hehehe oooops sorry next time I come to kerala will surely compensate this by spotting you somewhere around 😛

          3. Can I connect with you somewhere now, Anuradha?

            PS: Maybe in Facebook if your privacy norms shall allow!

            – Rahul

          4. I am following you in twitter 😛 I guess since you have too many followers you wud have barely noticed it 😛

          5. C’mon..! I’m always a show-off guy. 😛

            – Rahul

          6. 😛 hahah 😛 good for u … !!! hi5 on that XD

          7. Yo yo!! Girl… I wanna get connected with ya. 😛

            – Rahul

          8. 😛 go connect on twitter ll PM der 😛

          9. Pinged ya there!!

            – Rahul

  14. I like you blog! Nice pictures here! Come and check out my blog, and tell me what you think :)!

    1. Hey sure will do 🙂 lets follow each other .. what say ??? 🙂

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