12 Replies to “How to be a waxing pro – DIY Waxing :D”

  1. I tried waxing at home and ruined a chair. No more hot wax for me! 😀

    1. hahah is it ???? Waxing at home gave wonderful results for me <3 love it to core now 😀 btw you literally mean that you ruined a "chair" 😛 how did you manage to do that ?

      1. I spilled my hot wax all over it. 😀

        1. omg 😀 hahah !! I can imagine how funny it would have been 😛

  2. I got waxed at the salon and broke out so bad! Never went back after that. I got laser hair removal and it’s working great but doing some crazy damage with my skin. I sometimes use an epilator and it hurts like hell but gives a good enough result..#hairygirlproblems

    1. :/ stop using epilators … they will make your hair rough :'( I know sometimes I feel like we girls are human monkey rofl 😛

  3. DIY home waxing never works for me * le sigh. Helpful post though! 🙂

    Finding Happiness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPtOiqrkF9c&list=UUZdwj788PWGNgrxbHzCmuQA

    1. Glad u liked it 🙂

  4. Waxing is such a pain.. but alas..no pain no gain 😉

    1. hhah how true …. 😛 we women are weird .. we scream when we see a roach but we dont mind pouring hot wax all over us 😛

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