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Hello readers,

I am writing after a long gap and this time I have got a product which is a all natural Kohl pencil .So I ended up seeing this Ad on Facebook about a Kohl pencil which claims to be all natural and soft on eyes . Well you know I am skeptic about any product before I use them and see the result.

It was kind of Plum to sent me a sample of it and it was super kind of them to sent me a sharpener along with it <3

This is the package I got in exactly one day 😀 and I absolutely loved the package <3

Ok so I opened it and found a pretty Kohl pencil with a colourful sharpener inside <3

So here are few more picture  😛 can’t help it , Love the package so much <3

These are few close images of the kajal and the sharpener.

So the whole body is made of wood and the kohl tip is simple SMOOTH , I am not kidding that it glides like cream 😀 The tip is neither too sharp nor too blunt , it is just PERFECT!!!!

Plum Kajal


This pencil doesnt have any fragrance nor does it have the flaky texture that most pencils do . Also I tried blending it a bit and the result turned out well . The blending is even and it is extremely dark even in single stroke .

Plum Kajal


So , I tried with giving one stroke at first to three strokes in the last one . Surprisingly , the first one with just one stroke is as dark as the last one ( no the image is not edited). I guess it is a good bargain for people who love dark kohl beautified eyes <3

So , now about the sharpener . It is a dual sharpener for 6mm and 8mm pencil .This one is cute and extremely handy.

Advice : Never use the normal sharpener or blade for you Eye or Lip Pencils.

Plum Kajal


1. All Plum products are free from Parabens, Phthalates, Prop. Glycol & SLS.

2.The Kajal is extremely soft and glides well on the skin.

3. Intense black pigmentation.

4.Comes with free dual sharpener.

5. They work great as even a liner and a Kajal (Kohl).

6. Fairly blendable , so great for eye makeup.

7. The body is made of wood and not of plastic . Hence , bi0-degradable!!!!


1. It stays on for 4 to 5 hours and the smudges away , kind of fades away .

2. Availability and awareness of the product is less .

3. It is comparatively more expensive than other brands like Maybelline or Revlon which eventually makes them a budget buy.

Cost of the Kajal : INR 425/-

Cost of the Sharpener : INR 125/-

I tried it one me 😀 Turned out to be fine 🙂

Anu Mohan's Fashion Blog


Thanks for the Kajal again Plum, happy I reviewed this one of a kind product . Hoping to do more 🙂

Also you can visit their websites for more products . They have from Kohl to Night creams and they are cmpletely natural and skin-friendly 🙂

Here is a small pamphlet that I received and which has the list of products available.

Note :

This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.


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  1. That’s a nice review Anu.
    You look soooo cute in that last pic!!!

    1. Heyyaaa Bhushavali.. Thank you heaps :* lol that selfie came out weird though 😀

    2. Hey thank u 🙂 lol i found the selfie weird though :ap

  2. Looks good ! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I must try the pencil !

    1. Yes 🙂 They are available online , do check them out 🙂 thanks for dropping by .

      1. Will do ! check mine in your free time 🙂 thank you

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  5. Great review.. Do checkout my blog for my latest post on plum. Love to hear back from u 🙂

    1. thanks a lot 🙂 checking it right away 😀

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