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  1. I need a good eyeliner that doesn’t smear all the time.

  2. Amazing look! Sorry for not being around, but running through the snow takes longer than running in nice weather, which is part of the reason I was busy.

    Your eyes are just priceless, Anu. I hope monsoon season isn’t too catastrophic this year.

  3. I also need a good eyeliner that goes on black as black and doesn’t smudge on me! My TF one is almost gone and until I’ll get another one this looks like a good option!
    Lots of xx, Annie


  4. love your post! i use eyeliner everyday! do checkout my latest post up on the blog!

  5. wow! the product is pretty amazing! It did wonders on your eyes! 😉

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com
    IG: @beybiapril

  6. I haven’t yet. Coz I’m more of a gel liner type. But, this one is pretty amazing. 🙂

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