Maybelline Colorshow : Go Graffiti And Bright Sparks

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How have you all been ?? Since I was on a amazing vacation last week I had few pending reviews , that’s why I am posting every alternative day 🙌 sorry for spamming !!!! 😜

So it was raining badly here in Mumbai and my WIFI has no connection 😒 again forced to blog through mobile which I really don’t prefer much , LOL I am old school 😎

Back to something related to the topic 😜 so this time I got you guys this extremely cute set of nail paints for people who are on the go 🙌

Maybelline has launched two new range of nail paints –

1. Go Graffiti
2. Bright Sparks

Maybelline go graffiti and bright sparks

From GO GRAFFITI range I will be reviewing LUCKY LAVENDER :

Let me just start of by saying I love mild lavender , and this was one of the rarest shades I have fallen for recently . I am more of a Red and Black nail color person but this just took my heart away 😍

Maybelline Colorshow Lucky Lavender

I would rename it as CUTE LAVENDER though .. 😂

The glitters in them are chunky yellow hexagons and white dots ( really tiny ones 😍)

Lucky lavender


Maybelline lucky lavander


1. For lazy girls out there ( like me ) and girls who really don’t have time for nail arts, this is the best cheat sheet you could think of .

2. Very affordable compared to buying a whole kit for nail arts .

3. Have very cute colors to choose from .

4. They are sheer so can be used as a top coat for other colors .

5. Stays for 5-6 days , and nope I ain’t over exaggerating it . Almost all Colorshow range stays for a long time , this in particular stays even more.

6. You can wear it for a party or to office. The colors this range has do not hit on the eye but at the same time are very chic 👌

Maybelline Lucky lavander

Cons :

Nothing as such , I personally do wish there were more choices in the range , I would love to stock them in every color possible .

Price- INR 145/-

Maybelline Lucky Lavender


Rate – 4/5 ( only because I want more colors to be launched by them )

Now from the BRIGHT SPARKS range I will be reviwing SPARK OF STEEL

Sparks Of Steel

This color is so mettalic that you just can’t avoid it.  My mom ended up seeing this shade and was like ” hey , after you are done reviewing can you please give this to me ? ” and I was on a holiday when I took the photos for the review. I was like “oh sure.. You really don’t mind mettalic color?” She was like ” nope I always wanted this shade , its glossy and yet looks classy” . Yes my friends that’s my tagline for this product . They are very glossy but they don’t look tacky ( girls are you listening?) 😂

Spark of stewl


1. I don’t know about the other colors in this range but this one is beautiful . The colors is shiny Grey and you can say it has a green undertone .

2. Don’t worry about not going with your skin tone as colors like Black, Gold ,Silver, White and Nude are made for all skin tones and are universally accepted 😍

3. Perfect for a evening wear , I won’t recommend it for office unless your work place is ok with mettalic nail paints 😂

4. This as well last for like 4-5 days and then slowly chips off . Not bad for the price you pay though.

5. Maybelline Colorshows are pretty affordable and maybe that’s why we girls love this drug store brand so much.This one is no exception either.

Spark of steel


This shade is flawless . 😍

Maybelline Bright Sparks

Price: INR 85/-

Sprakle of steel - Maybelline Colorshow

Rate: 5/5

Here are few photos of how I used them both for a nail art:

My base coat is Spark Of Steel and my middle finger as well as my thumb nails are coated with Lucky Lavender as well 😍







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Have you guys ventured into any nail products recently ? Let me know 😎 I am currently obcessed with nail paints


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