FAD Internation Academy Launch at Mumbai + GenNext Showcase

Hey girls ,

If you are gonna ask me how my last weekend was , I couldn’t have asked for more . So, FAD Academy got opened in Bndra at Palli Naka this time and it was nothing less than a celebration . The event did start by 7 PM by lasted till 10:30 PM though I left little early .

FAD has amazing styling and designing courses; branches in Pune , Mumbai and Dubai . The certification offered by them is given by London School of Style and what I heard from Zen , the styling program is amazing <3 I might roll-in too someday 😉

Let me make a confession before I tell you about the event, I WAS UNDER-DRESSED 🙁 So basically I just wore a skinny jeans with stilettos and a stooped shoulder tunic 😛 Who does that right ?


FAD acedemy

Nevertheless , I did enjoy the show , the drinks and the eatables 🙂

I am sure with such kind of talent and equal encouragement , the students would love it 😀

The collection for the show was Goth , Dark and extremely filled with deepness . I loved this twisted collection and I love the fact that the students are encouraged so much to explore their creative freedom 🙂

The whole event was organized by the Onesoul Team and boy !!it was a treat to watch . The amazing decor , really influential guest and talent at display . Kudos guys , a long way to go <3

They have an amazing blog as well <3 here

Here are few pics 🙂 Some of these pics are taken from FAD Academy’s Facebook Page : Here . 🙂


You know where to reach me don’t you ?? 😉 BTW did any of you attended the launch ? Let me know 😀



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