5 Casio Valentine’s Day Gifts with Jabong.com

5 Casio Valentine’s Day Gifts with Jabong.com

Hola Ladies ,

Valentine’s day is just few weeks away , we women love perfection , don’t we? We would search hours and hours to find the perfect gift for the man we love <3 I have this sorted for you to save the time 😉

I was going through the collection that Jabong.com had and was just figuring out what to buy . Then I though, would it be helpful for you girls as well if I could help you girls lay your hands on some amazing watches with some amazing discounts 😉 ?

I have picked 5 very unique pieces depending on what type of a person your man is 😉

The prices I have put up are the prices during the ongoing sale 🙂 don’t forget to grab them before they are gone.

1.For your Sporty Guy :

Gift him something edgy and something that would give him an adrenaline rush. This one is what caught my eyes 😉 The color is just fab and the pattern is really hot <3 He is definitely going to love this one

Priced at INR 9020/-

You can buy yours here


2.For the Workaholic with a class :

So he loves his office more than you ? its ok 😀 Let him work with style. This one that I saw is my favorite <3 The design is simple and it is class apart 🙂 This is for him if he loves simplicity but doesn’t forget to leave a mark <3

Priced at INR 2786/-

You can buy it here



3.For the Party Animal :

He is young , he is wild … nothing wrong with that . What would be wrong would be gifting him something boring . This one is black and shiny hahah what could go wrong with black <3 😛  This is for him if he loves black colors and if he loves flaunting them in the night 😀

Priced at INR 6796/-

You can buy it here


4. For the Bling Lover :

He is a proper India , loves everything that shines. No .. he is not tacky but wears it as perfectly as anyone could. He is pure desi and love a watch that goes with his Indian Ethnic wear  😉 He might speak less but what he wears speaks more for him. If he is one who has it all then this is for him.

Priced at INR 5996/-

You can buy it here


5. For the Casual Freak :

He doesn’t fret much , loves anything thats comforty and doesn’t mind you in PJs all the time ? He is a keeper and he deserves something as comfortable and stylish as him . This would be my closest pick to what he would love.

Priced at INR 3866/-

You can get it here


And if you are ready to explore more for him , you should see the whole Casio Collection here .

What are you planning for him this time ? Let me know in the comments below (Dont worry , I wouldn’t spoil your surprise 😉 )

You know where to find me :





  1. Nishant Singh

    Just the thing that u need , watches but from a expert’s perspective ! Now it will be quiet easy to figure out which one’s going to grab the attention of the crowd . Great work (y)


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