5 ‘W’ Valentines Day Gifts with Jabong.com

5 ‘W’ Valentines Day Gifts with Jabong.com

Hello Men, I just advised the ladies on what they should gift you guys on Valentines Day, so you really think I wouldn’t tell you guys what to gift her on that day? Lets be honest , guys are really not good in planning ahead but this year I am going to change it for you.

Jabong.com is there for you with a wide range of women wear from ‘W‘. This brand is beautiful because everything it has is Indianized.

Here is my top pick to gift the girl you like. Also, do note that I am posting the sale price and not the original price.

My top 5 W clothing that you could give as a Valentines Day gift to your girl :

1.For the “Black” Fanatic :

So she loves black , from her hair to her toes shoe would love covering herself in black. If she could then she would paint the house black. Be a darling and gift her what she likes will you <3

My pick is this one, simple and very elegant 😀

Priced at INR 1199/- this one is a good steal. buy it here 

Valentines Day

2.For a girl who loves details :

She keeps it simple but she loves details. If she doesn’t fuss about anything and enjoys the smallest things in life then this one is for her <3 The details on the collar is what catches your eyes, and its perfect for the office as well 🙂

Priced at INR 974/- its a steal.

You can get it here

Valentines Day

3. For the Desi Girl :

If she loves jhumkas, she loves colors and she loves everything that defines India. She would always be bright and happy. She deserves something colorful, doesn’t she?

I love the color and would look amazing if you pair it with the right set of things 🙂

Priced at INR 1019/- it is amazing.

You can buy it here 

Valentines Day

4.For the Hippy in her :

If she is wild and by far the most unconventional girl you have met in your life. She likes everything bold, edgy and trendy. She would pair up things like no one would 😉

You know how to impress her?

Pick this 😉

Priced at INR 1499/- its comfort with fashion written all over it.

Buy it here 

Valentines Day

5. For the simplicity queen:

Her needs are simple and she doesn’t like it loud. She loves calmness and perfection. She never overdoes anything but that is exactly what you fell for.

If she is something like that, she would love this piece. Personally, I love sober colors and patterns like this.

Priced at INR 1624/- its worth every penny 🙂

You can buy it here 

Valentines Day



Whats your plan ? what are you gonna gift her for Valentines Day? Need help? Feel free to reach out out me !!



Note: This is a sponsored post. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own. The reviews are done honestly and have no influence from the sponsors.


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