Fairfax Hair Energizer Review

Fairfax Hair Energizer Review

Hello Lovely people,

I am sorry I made you guys wait for this one too long , had my birthday and hence could find time to publish it. Trust me it was in draft all along. I had this question to both men and women if they had hair fall issues or other hair related issues ? Its was surprising to see the number of men and women who sent a direct message to me about this issue. Hence , I was lucky “Fairfax Hair Energizer” came on time.

There are lots of reason to loose hair and its density , not to mention the other issues such as frizz and discoloration . Most of these issues are either because of bad lifestyle or not enough maintenance. Now, when I tell maintenance I do not mean you would have to spend hours together on you hair and spend lot of money on them ( I know its not feasible for most of us).

Thanks to Purplle.com , I got to try a new product for my hair “FairFax Hair Energizer” which actually claims to make your hair of better quality . Since, I do not review products just like that , I requested Purplle.com to give me lots of time before I try and see the change.I did use it for almost 2 weeks now , before giving you unexpected expectations and claiming that you get all you hair back , I would like to tell you that I am naturally blessed with good hair but I do face hair-fall issues.

FairFax Hair Energizer is a very tiny and travel friendly bottle which just demands to be used after shower. All you would have to do is put 2-3 drops in 2-4 liters of water or you could also follow the instruction given in the manual .

FairFax Hair Energizer

Here are few questions I came across when i spoke about this product

Did it reduce my hair-fall ???

Not much, a little YES and maybe I need it use it for longer time to see huge change but it has certainly improved the quality of the hair.There are two things that would make me but this product again , one it is not greasy or oily and two its herbal which is pretty safe for you. The exacts are natural extracts and the company is a vegan company so no animals were hurt during making of this product (who doesn’t love animals ?? 🙂 )

FairFax Hair Energizer

How was the smell ?? did it smell bad ??

No , it doesn’t exactly have a odor and that is the biggest thing I love about it

How do I use it ?

  • Just add few drops to 4-5 liters of water
  • Wash your hair with it (should be done after shampooing)
  • Rinse your hair after few minutes

FairFax Hair Energizer

Is it worth buying ?

I would say yes , because FairFax Hair Energizer has different oils from different sources and since they are natural it would cause you no harm. Also, do keep in mind that anything natural would take time to show any change .. Just be patient !

Coming back to FairFax Hair Energizer , here are few pros and cons to help you decide :

Pros :

1.Herbal and Vegan Product

2. Has natural oils and is not greasy

3.Does not smell either

4. Comes in a travel friendly and eco-friendly packaging

5.Does give beautiful shine

6.Hair does not look greasy and hairfall does reduce a bit

FairFax Hair Energizer

Cons :

1.Little on the expensive side , but you can always follow Purplle.com as they have amazing sales

2.The availability is less

3.Less knowledge about this product

Price : INR 600/-

Rating : 4/5

You can always get FairFax Hair Energizer here .

Have you used it ?? Did you see a change ? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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