Pure Garnet Lipstick by L’Oreal Paris Review and more

Pure Garnet Lipstick by L’Oreal Paris Review and more

Hello Ladies ,Welcome to one more beauty product review , I would be reviewing Pure Garnet shade from the Star Collection of L’Oreal Paris .This shade is popularly know as the “Sonam Kapoor” shade in India because that is how it was launched .

People who know me would know that I just adore lipsticks and I love them more if they are dark and gaudy . Would you even believe it if I tell you that I wear them to my office too ??? 😛 Yes after Ruby Woo , this is my present favorite which I would gladly wear anywhere.

Sonam Kapoor's Pure Garnet
Sonam Kapoor’s Pure Garnet

This range has different shades of red which are pretty wearable , people like me who love wearing read even during day time would surely love this range. I have tried lot of L’Oréal’s lipsticks but this Star Collection range remains my favorite till date. The have launched few shades keeping the country in mind , Freida Pinto’s Red , Aishwarya’s Red and Sonam Kapoor’s Shades are unique to India . The whole idea is to find the perfect pink.

Lets just say of-late I have been hogging on Red’s and this one caught my attention . Pure Garnet is Wine Red, its deep and dark . It is a dupe of MAC Rebel but yes at a more affordable cost 😛 This color is pretty flattering on Indian skin tone , I would call it more of a burgundy shade than red though .

Sonam Kapoor's Pure Garnet
Sonam Kapoor’s Pure Garnet

Pros and Cons Of L’Oreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Lipstick:


  1. I love the packaging , the classy black body with Sonam Kapoor’s Signature on them looks chic.
  2. This is my favorite color of all , you could wear it to the office as well if you can pull this off.
  3. I love the mild smell it has.
  4. It stays put the entire day for me and I don’t need a touch up.
  5. Don’t know if this is just me , you don’t need anything else if you have this on your face
  6. Easily available on both stores and online
  7. Adds variants to your collection of lipsticks
  8. This is a timeless shade , everyone of all age groups could wear it
  9. Suits all skin-tone
  10. I love the texture it gives , light on the lips and perfect matte.
  11. Not drying unlike retro mattes


  1. The price is on the higher range considering that it is coming from Loreal Paris
  2. Though it suits most people , its a tricky shade to play with . I would recommend you to try it in store before them them either from the store or from any online retailer


Priced at INR 995/-

This is a good buy if you love adding colors to your lipstick collection

Will I recommend Pure Garnet ?

Do I look like a crazy woman who won’t ??? Obviously go for it if you do not have this shade 😀 . Yes it is on the higher side but well you can get them online for half the price 😛 (shhh!! That’s how I got it)


Loreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Swatch
Loreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Swatch

FOTD without makeup

FOTD using this to create a look

Pure Garnet

You can buy on Amazon.in 🙂


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