TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Hey All,

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray is a unisex product , since lot of you do want me to review a product that can be used by men as well I have picked this up. I have previously reviewed TIGI Control Freak Serum which is also from the Bed Head range as TIGI Hard Head Hairspray. Since these two can be used by both men and women , they are an one time investment and are extremely versatile.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

How to use TIGI Hard Head Hairspray?

Typically you should hold them about 10-15 cms away from you hair and apply them after you have roughly done your hairstyle . These stay as long as the next wash you do so as soon as you don’t need that particular hairstyle all you would need to do is take a hairwash .

Tip : To control fray hair or frizz , you could spray a little on your hairbrush/comb and comb it through before it dries off .

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Pros and Cons Of TIGI Hard Head Hairspray:


  1. I love the packaging , it has classic silver and black and it is extremely sturdy.
  2. The stay is pretty good , it stays till the next time you wash your hair
  3. I love that it has no foul smell
  4. Helps in controlling frizz as well
  5. Since it is unisex , it can be used by everyone you know
  6. Great quantity for the price you pay


  1. It is heavy and hence not travel friendly
  2. Not easily available

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Priced at INR 950/- for 385 ml

you could buy them here or even at Salons.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Will I recommend TIGI Hard Head Hairspray ?

Yes, if you do not mind shedding few bucks then this is a good investment.You would have to agree they give a lot of product for the cost you pay so it lasts really long . I always prefer making an one time investment as it saves my time and effort so yes I love this product

Rating : 4.5/5

( -0.5 as the bottle is too heavy and isn’t travel friendly)

This is a good buy if love styling your hair and want to make it stay longer . It is also good if you have an unmanageable hair , it heaps to define it .

FOTD at TIGI Music festival 2015:

Remember when I went to this music festival last year in the month of May ? if you don’t you can see it here .

My hair was styled using this exact same product.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Have you used TIGI Hard Head Hairspray ? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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