5 Simple Ways To Redesign Your House

5 Simple Ways To Redesign Your House

Hi Everyone ,

I know I do not talk much about decor in my blog but it was simply because of lack of inspiration for me . I recently bumped into Homify.in and got me thinking on how I could redecorate my house. So here we are , I am just going to tell you 5 simple ways to redesign your house. Lets be honest some of us have an emotional connection to the place we live and we would rather change the look of it than destroy it 🙂

Before I jump into giving you all ideas to redecorate you den , I would love to talk about Homify.in a bit . I visited their website and I love how things are organised there . You could just click on one of their categories on the page and it would direct you to a set of cool ideas . These are associated with designers who provide you free consultations. This is when I also found new ideas for my room as well 😀

Jumping back to what I was talking about 🙂

here are

5 Simple ways to redesign your house :

1.Let You Wall Speak :

Yes , this is the simplest of all . Just find an abstract painting or any artwork you love and see it transform your home. Let you wall tell a story and just fall in love with them <3

Interior decoration with modern art works: Modern Artwork von SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS


2.Add Some Color In The Most Unexpected Places :

It feels great to be creative , you make your bathroom or your balcony as colorful as possible . This would not cost you much but yes it would require your time and imagination . Ready anyone?

Racks with Bins: Modern Bathroom von Image N Shape


3. Decorate Your Rooms With A Statement Piece :

If there are space constraints , try getting innovative with whatever space that are available. Now , you could add lights or amazing wood work or both 🙂

Bedroom cot headboard design with CNC Pattern: Eclectic Bedroom von Bonito Designs Bangalore


4. Utilize The Corners In The House :

Don’t tell me that you have never complained of having enough space !! I know been there and done that. This is where the fun part comes in , lets say there are few vacant corners but what will you do with them. You could either convert them to bookshelf or closets or even a prayer corner .

pooja room: Modern von drashtikon designer consultant


5.Invest On Quality Furniture :

Honestly, this is where the ” money” part comes in . Just buy the best furniture you can afford (in terms of quality and not only looks ) because they come for a very long time and are basically an one-time investment. I would suggest you to go with classic colors and nothing too bright and amazing if you could get everything in wood.

Now this also could mean you could make your wardrobe in the best possible quality and design . To make it easier for you all, you could go here to see amazing wardrobe designs for your house.

Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi: Modern Dining room von monica khanna designs


These are the most easiest ways to redesign your house , if you have more tips then comment below or connect with me and yes do visit Homify.in for more :

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