4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

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Remember the poll that I took in the group ? Well here are the results .. !!! I have been always manipulating for sometime if I should write on this topic as most of you requested for styling tips for men , here we are.

So I started looking around for inspiration and then who did I bump into ?? My old friend Vetri 😀 I thought if he doesn’t define style and class then who does. Hence , these tips are indirectly through him and delivered to you guys by me 😀 how awesome is it !!!

Here are the really simple 4 styling tips for men ,lets decode :

Blaze it on :

I know a lot of you feel that adding a blazer makes you look grumpy or fat but in fact it works just the opposite.It gives you a dimension and a sharp look. You can either match it up with your pants or work with something completely contrasting.

Also , the so-called rule of not wearing brown shoes with black pants are so last season. As long as you are not wearing too many colors , they look absolutely fine.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Suit- Blackberry // Shirt – levis // Pants- Louis Philippe // Watch – Fossil // Shoes – Custom made brogue

Shirt it up:

I know a lot of you guys have your closet full of shirts maybe of different colors and prints too . Check shirt being one of the most basic of all , also are the most versatile. If you like defining your shoulders but you like keeping it casual , this will work for you. Not only jeans you could pair them up with a formal shorts and they would still look classy.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt- Local Indian Brand // Pants- Levis // Watch – QnQ // Shoes – Adidas

Love your Office :

My excuse to go to office is to dress up , I am not joking about it !!! 😛

Like I said , check-shirts are the most versatile of all and you should stock them up as much as you can. Now, biggest fail would be wearing ill-fitted clothes which are either too big for you or too tight. Finding tailor-made office wear is the best way to impress your boss (trust me on this !! ) . Keep it simple and work with what works for you best.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt- Local Indian Brand // Pants- Blackberry// Watch – G-Shock// Shoes – Ruosh

Customize your traditional wear :

Ok now this is relative to the place you belong to , for people in Chennai these silk made Veshti or Mundu is pretty common ( do not call it as lungi because it is NOT lungi 😛 )

Back to the whole point , no matter what you wear just customize it to what compliments you. Lets say add a chunky watch or pair of cool sunglasses and you are good to go. Now the tricky part is generally the footwear , opt for tan shoes or sandels as they go with most of the colors .

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt – Van Heusen //Watch – G-Shock

This is exactly why you should have a friend who kills it all.. !!!!

Did you find the styling tips for men useful ? Comment below if you have more tips to share.

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