Arezia Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks Review

Arezia Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks Review

Arezia Matte Me lipsticks have been around for sometime now , it is the exact dupe of Sleek Makeup Matte Me range. The also have the exact packaging but since Sleek Makeup is not sold in India , these dupes have become quite popular.These babies are super affordable and are pretty easily available both online and in beauty stores.

Arezia Matte Me

I did buy two of the shades of Arezia Matte Me namely:

  1. Maroon Mature (AZ-14)
  2. Cochineal (AZ-08)

Arezia Matte Me Maroon Mature (AZ-14):

If you have been following me , you would know that I adore dark lips . I am more of Reds and Maroons than Pink person since I have strong yellow undertone.This is more towards the brown side than the red side but nevertheless a beautiful shade. One turn-off was they wear off unevenly and since its a dark shade it ends up look obvious . This buy I might not repeat unfortunately.

Arezia Matte Me

Arezia Matte Me



Arezia Matte Me Cochineal (AZ-08):

This is a very pretty bright pink and surprisingly they looked wonderful on me . Like I said , I am more of a dark-shade kinda person and seldom such shades look good on me . Fortunately , the color payoff and stay was far better than Maroon Mature . It did not flake off but it did end up being a stain after sometime . This is a thumbs-up if you are planning to buy these Arezia Matte Me lipsticks.

Arezia Matte Me

Arezia Matte Me


Pros and Cons Of Arezia Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks:


  1. They are super cheap and easily affordable
  2. The color payoff is pretty good
  3. Most of the colors would look great on Indian skin-tone / Olive skin-tone
  4. Arezia Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks provides a wide range of colors to choose from
  5. You can buy them online or from counter in beauty shops
  6. The Mature Maroon feathers out which is pretty annoying considering the fact that they are dark lipsticks and they get pretty obvious.


  1. There is no vegetarian symbol in the package
  2. There is no expiry date as well
  3. They have a weird chemical smell
  4. The bottle can look little tacky
  5. Does not have the ingredients used , that is pretty scary.

Priced at around INR 250/-

These can be got just to increase your color collection

Will I recommend Arezia Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks  ?

Not really , I would spend more bucks and buy something better NYX or L.A Girl maybe 🙂

You can buy Arezia Matte Me Maroon Mature here .


Arezia Matte Me

You could buy Arezia Matte Me Maroon Mature here  and Cochineal here

Did you use it ? Did you like it ? Comment below 🙂

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  1. I have Maroon Mature and dint work for me either. Glad to know that the Pink is better than the Maroon. I am never going back to this range, cant stand that chemical scent. Loved the review. You look cute 🙂 Ingredients list is present below the sticker which is at the back of the tube 🙂

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    1. Thanks Swathi I just observed it after you just said . I didn’t even bother to look for the ingredient because of the smell . This is definitely not for me but I have heard good reviews from people I know though. Lovely blog you have 🙂


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