Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD

Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD

Hi Everyone ,

You would know by now how much I adore dresses though I am a more of black dress kinda person , I equally love experimenting with different colors. This one is by Label Ritu Kumar and stole my heart when I saw them first .It is basically a wrap dress with elephant prints on them . I love how youthful and yet timeless this one looks. I am a big fan of long sleeves and this one just had what I needed. One major thing that kind of made me love this one more was a small pin hole in the center and that just adds all the glamour I need to dress up. I did get over dressed but well I do not regret it .

How did I pair them ? What was the makeup done?

You saw my Orange Maxi-Dress  and my LBD post ??? I  changed the lipstick , replacing Colorbar’s Bare with MAC Ruby Woo 🙂 Like I said , I do not know much how to work on a flawless base so I am learning on that 🙂  To add to my pain , my hair got wet in rain.

Jewelry, I have opted for a strong one which obviously takes all the attention and those shoes are very comfortable and cute.  Since my neck-piece is quite blends in and yet stands out, I opted for a tiny earring that can barely be seen . The whole idea of pairing the neck-piece which kinda match the outfit was to make it effortless and that is the reason I skipped my heels  . I love how golden these look and how they match all of my outfits , well at least most of them.

What is the back story for this post ?

Well I always love dress (obviously !!!) and I spotted this one. Label Ritu Kumar is something that every girl would dream to have a piece in her wardrobe because they blend Indian prints with Western patterns effortlessly . Most of them are quite wearable and this one I got it solely for the color. I love the tiny hole we have , makes me look feminine .

Where can you buy the makeup?

Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base – Amazon.in

Coloressence H Compact Powder – Amazon.in

Sugar Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kohl – Amazon.in

OOTD with Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress :

Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD


Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD

Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD

Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD

Wearing Label Ritu Kumar Wrap Dress OOTD


Dress: Label Ritu Kumar //Shoes: Bata India//Earrings: Zaveri Pearls //Neck-piece: Chennai Street Shop

Image Courtesy : The Tilted Lens

Location : Mumbai

Did you like this one? Which is your favorite piece from Label Ritu Kumar ? Let me know in the comments below or tag me onto your pictures 🙂

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  1. Rithu Mathews

    Nice OOTD! I love it! The outfit really suits you and I love how the street shop necklace matched so well with the dress 😀 I’m bookmarking your site and looking forward to the next OOTD post 😀

    What camera is your photographer using? I’m asking because some of the pictures are very blurry. Are they out of focus or some editing issue?

    1. Hey Ritu ,

      Thank you I am glad you liked them . Glad that you bookmarked it 😀

      The photographer is a beginner 🙂 so yes few of them are out of focus and it was pretty rainy that day , that kinda added to the whole not so sharp photos 🙁 Working on that though

  2. Ananya

    Wow!!! Just saw all of your outfit posts! You look stunnninnggg <3 <3 <3 When are you going to publish more??? I really liked the Maxi and this one. The LBD is just a little too plain for me 🙂


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