Types Of Saree Fabric For Festive Season

Types Of Saree Fabric For Festive Season

Hello Saree lovers,

Saree Wasted By Fashion

Ask any Indian fashion enthusiast of her favorite ethnic pick and definitely she would go for sarees, sarees and different types of sarees only. Sorry for repeating but I can’t help it!

While selecting types of online sarees to wear at different occasions, at once we generally forget the comfort quotient which happens to be the foremost quotient comes in our mind. Indeed designs make a flattering effect on every woman but fabrics make a long term effect. For instance, you can always wear a 3 Kilo designer lehenga on some shaadi or festive occasion but after some effective duration, it will become a load to carry: /

Here are some best selected saree fabrics which hug your body like your second skin and comfortably sits there like cotton.

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Georgette Saree :

Saree Wasted By Fashion

Thanks to vivacious prints and patterns available in Georgette fabric which makes it dollar worthy to wear all day long without being bored. Maximum online printed sarees do manufactured from Georgette. These sarees are light in weight and best to adorn pant style saree.

Cotton Saree :

Saree Wasted By Fashion

Who doesn’t know about the advantages of cotton? Well, everyone on this land perhaps!

From its very inception, cotton sarees have been the daily wear choice of Indian women. Largely worn by women and men in eastern India, cotton has showcased many features such as skin friendly, wicks away sweat and light in weight. Try tant sarees for that raw feel of wearing ethnic.

Khadi Saree :

Saree Wasted By Fashion

Whereas many sarees flaunt their prints and designs, khadi is itself a unique proposition in textile market. Quite different from king of online printed sarees, georgette, khadi sarees have little non uniform texture and give a yellow dull luster. They are skin friendly, natural in its making and crafting, and wicks away sweat as well. This is for sure that you won’t feel irritating while draping it all day long.

Chiffon Saree :

Saree Wasted By Fashion

You need to buy online chiffon sarees to infuse with the goodness of chiffon fabric. Available in amazing bright and pastel colors, these sarees are amazingly light in weight, comfortable to wear and available in various thread work designs.

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Anu’s Verdict :

I absolutely love sarees no matter how old I get , its beautiful and timeless. As much as heavy work attracts me , I love the simple ones as well 🙂 These are pretty complimenting to all body type and all of you can try them 🙂

What have you got for this festive season ? Let me know in the comments below 😀

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