Puma Plank Challenge- Do You have It In You ?

Puma Plank Challenge- Do You have It In You ?

Hi All ,

It was amazing to be a part of Puma’s Plank Challenge called as Do You. The whole city is breaking the Guinness World Record by recording the attempts made. As we know , 11th October is declared as Girls Day by the United Nations . With many women and girl child being killed when they are born or girls loosing their body confidence when they attend puberty , this was one such campaign I was proud to be associated with. It is a very small task of doing a plank but that shows vigor , strength and sustenance . It shows that it does not matter if you are of which gender as long as you know what you are doing .

This campaign was brought to my notice by Popxo Daily and I am glad they did . I did my plank today and it made me feel really good about it .

Was I wearing makeup for this one ?

Actually no , I do not beleive we need makeup when we work out . I am wearing Miss Claire Soft Matte on my lips though just to add a little color 🙂

I beleive there are time and place to do things , in reality I never wear any makeup (not even lipsticks or gloss) when I am working out because it is just not the place for it . Its important to give time for my skin to breathe 🙂 what else is a good time than those mornings.

All I can say is let your skin sweat , its ok if you do not look your glamourous self for sometime 🙂

Here are few images of my PUMA PLANK CHALLENGE:

Puma Plank Challenge


Puma Plank Challenge

No matter where you are take some time for yourself and make this a part of your lifestyle.

I love the whole idea of it and I am glad I could do it too 🙂 it always feels good to be a part of something productive . Ideally , I could not hold for 60 sec , I could only do for 30 something seconds lol !!! but it is a start 🙂

Top: Puma India//Track Pants : Puma India//Socks: Bata India

Image Courtesy : The Tilted Lens

Location : Bandra,Mumbai

Do you do planks ?? how long can you hold ?? Let me know in the comments below 😀

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