Skincare Routines To Follow For Winter

Skincare Routines To Follow For Winter

Hi lovely people , it is so awesome that when you blog you meet such amazing fellow writers . This article is submitted by Seemah of Panda Reviews , I hope you all find this useful.It is very important to have a skincare routine according to different climate , specially when it is Winter it might be harder to follow it. Here are some of them by Seemah –

Skincare for winters:

Winter can be fun with the snow fight and the chilly morning sleep. And writers say girls look most beautiful in this season . But this time also brings dry skin and sometimes itchiness. And we all hate that don’t we? So here is a skin care regime for you.

Choose the right moisturizer:

You may have an aloe Vera moisturizer for summers but winter requires more. Your dry skin would need a moisturizer with more oil content so that you skin has some protection against the winter that makes your skin dry.

This is the one thing that would make your skincare routine hit or miss.

Don’t say good bye to your sunscreen:

It’s a misconception that sunscreens are only for summers. The winter sun is equally harmful for your skin. Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen login and apply that 30 mins before you leave your home. Keep applying repeatedly if you need to stay out for longer time.

Your hands need attention:

Hands have the most delicate skin and hence are needed to be taken proper care of. Wear gloves to protect your hand. But remember wool can cause irritation.

Avoid wearing wet gloves and socks:

Wet gloves or socks can be irritating to skin and cause skin problems. So no-no to wet gloves and socks.

Get the humidifier:

Central heating system would only give out hot air what you need is humidifier. They would prevent your skin for dryness by giving moisture in the air. So place small humidifiers thorough out your house.

Hydrate to stay healthy:

Water is essential for the whole body and not only for your skin. Skin when dehydrated gets benefits from the fluids. Keep drinking water and that’s the best way to keep yourself healthy. Drinking water is not only for summers.

Feet oiling:

Lotions for feet can be okay for summer but winter feet requires something stronger. Choose something with more about of petroleum jelly or glycerin. It will prevent your feet for cracking as well as drying.

Avoid masking:

Masks, peels or alcohol based toner can be a bad idea for winter if you have a dry skin. They will simply take out all the vital oils from your face. Instead go for a mild based cleanser or non alcoholic toner.

No to super hot baths:

Bathing with hot water can sound a very good idea with chilly weather outside but it isn’t. Hot water can damage the lipid barriers an take out all the moisture from your skin. Like warm water can be allowed though.

Visit a specialist:

If your skin starts acting too weird ie too dry and too much of itchiness. You need to visit the skin specialist for better treatment.


I love what Seemah wrote here , you should check her other posts on skin-care . One of them I like is this one :

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Did you guys find this post useful ? What is the routine that you follow during winters ? Let me know in the commts below.

Also , Do check out Seemah’s blog 🙂 she writes beautifully.

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