Western Wear For The Week

Western Wear For The Week

Hey Lovely people,

Did you guys miss me ? 🙂 I was away for quite sometime now . This really useful post is a guest post by IndiaRush . I know we get bored and we ladies need variety so here is something that can give you the confidence to step out looking different every time.

“Seven days in a week are ruled by seven planets”.

Well don’t care about the rules but when it comes to fashion we never retreat as a traitor in our fashion world. Ain’t it? This would be the most satisfactory rule statement that we need to wear coloured western dresses according to the weeks and our luck! Indeed, we carry our own luck but these some fashion-funs are here to enhance your style quotient a little bit higher.

Check out astrology in the most fun & fashionable way…

Monday (funky dress)

Monday blues are really tough to overcome but isn’t impossible though! Pick out your best online palazzos that you bought last week and dress them with a pseudo bustier top or quirky printed palazzo with a plain shirt. This will make your mood busy with your ethereal reflection. Wear them with charm bangles and nose ring. Apply nude makeup along with and get ready to rule the world.

Tuesday (deep Red bell bottom pant & ruffled shirt)

Well, who says that bell bottoms are so yesterday-pieces? May be or may not be, but you can always take the ride all for yourself when you need an urgent boost for the day. Try out bright red coloured bell bottoms with a ruffled shirt. Make sure they won’t make a monochrome combo.

Wednesday (denim dress with eyeglass)

“The glass is half full or half empty.”

This is the case of yours because you’re in the mid way to reach your fun weekend destination. So, cheer up your mood with classy piece of denim dress and finish off your geek look with a Lenon style eyeglass.

Let your peers burn out of envy.

Thursday (Pastel skirts and top)

Just a day or two and you will ready for the weekend venture. Let’s celebrate this with some throwback of your fave pastel picks. Take out a pastel colored skirt and pair it with a loose subtle hue shirt. Make sure the shirt shouldn’t be too flashy in any way. Combine your appeal with stud style statement earrings and strapped pumps.

Friday (monochrome coat and pencil skirt)

‘A day when the essence of freedom gets strong and then stronger.’

Yes, Friday is the day when you need to strut out with vogue. Maintain the monochrome magic this day with a simple pencil skirt with white top. Finish off your sheer cover with matte black handbag and neatly combed open hair.

Saturday (Coral palazzo and loose top)

‘What! It’s 12 noon!!!’

This is the common phrase we used to say on this day because this is the day when sun even ignores basked outdoor! Pull up a pair of subtle printed online palazzos and dress them with a stylish top or shirt.

Sunday (loose and quirky denim)

‘Heaven made this day while enjoying a sip of wine and good bacon toast.’

Steal your laid-back denim style from the old bud closet and wear them with a pair of chic sneakers. Any kind of jewelry or extra accessory is not needed except your lip shade and comb and yes, perfume. Carry a sling bag to grasp all your nutty grittiest

*Article Written by PAROMITA SENGUPTA for IndiaRush

See I told you I had to share it with you guys .  I hope you guys liked it . If you folks have something that you love to wear then comment below (I would love to incorporate them in my style ) .

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