IGP.com : Indian Gifts Portal For Raksha Bandan to come!!

IGP.com : Indian Gifts Portal For Raksha Bandan to come!!

Hi All ,I know festive seasons never usually ends in India and we are in a constant look out for gifts . I know we have Rakhi just around the corner and I do see lot of you wondering what to get for your brother and a return gift for your sister. I recently got to know about IGP.com (Indian Gifts Portal) a.k.a your savior.

This is how the website looks 🙂

Indian Gifts portal ipg.com

What did I like about Indian Gifts Portal IGP.com? ?

  1. I love how they have segregated things according to category, it really helps in making it easy for the user
  2. The website looks neat and not at all spammy
  3. Affordable
  4. Something for everyone you love
  5. I loved the fast delivery

Indian Gifts portal ipg.com

What did I get from them?

As you would know I collaborate a lot with brands and websites for my post. You should also know that I do not reply to most because I would not want to associate myself with a brand unless I really like it for myself. Indian Gifts Portal collaboration was no different to this scrutiny and I am glad they lived it up. What impressed me was the PR team !! If you have been following me on social media then you would know that I was in Bangalore for few months and I moved back to Mumbai, the team kept following up with me but they were so empathetic to my situation.

I got an INR1000/- voucher from them for trying out their website and got them for my brother.Hence, I opted for a lifestyle voucher card and got it delivered to me in 3 days 🙂

Indian Gifts portal ipg.com

They do tell you it takes 4-5 days but it took only 3 days for me . Now, my orders are no special than yours would be . I placed them through the website and I used my promo-code to get the discount . This was done because it is easier to see how users would prefer and should I be vouching for this website or not.

Approved by Wasted By Fashion Team?

It’s good to finally have a website that caters to gifting and I am all about usability so this works for me.  These guys have a good collection and sorted them into categories we would relate to. I would mainly recommend them from the usability perspective and also because they are prompt with the delivery.

Anything I would like to see them improve?

Though they have a great collection, I would love to see them improving on their packaging.

Would you guys try this website or have you guys tried them already? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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