Constantly Cabernet Super-Stay Lipstick by Maybelline-Review

Constantly Cabernet Super-Stay Lipstick by Maybelline-Review

Hello, my lovely folks, my previous outfit post had this really dark lipstick with purple undertone and a lot of you girls asked me about it. So, here I am with a very honest review of  Maybelline Super Stay Liquid Lipstick. I picked up Constantly Cabernet shade as I love darker shades.

I heard a lot about this through bloggers and YouTubers, I was so excited and I got this. They were amazing when I swatched them and I loved the grape color. I even used it for few of my outfit post like my post on Basic Outfit.

Constantly Cabernet Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick

What people look for in Constantly Cabernet Superstay Lipstick by Maybelline New York?

When it comes to liquid lipstick, I would only expect darker colors not to look patchy or shouldn’t dry our lips. Now, this particular product does come with a lip-primer on one end and I was excited that it solved my problem of chapped lips.

The claim by Maybelline was that it stays on for almost 12 hours and a long-lasting lip color is what I was personally looking for.

Pros and Cons Of Constantly Cabernet Superstay Lipstick by Maybelline New York:


  • The color swatches amazingly
  • The lip-primer is good


  • The lip shade is super patchy
  • It doesn’t stay for more than an hour
  • It flakes off when it dries
  • The lip-primer given is nothing but a solidified vaseline
  • Expensive for the quality of product
  • Does not smell great either
  • The applicator is pretty average

Constantly Cabernet


Will I recommend Constantly Cabernet Super Stay by Maybelline New York?

This shade particularly I would not recommend. It was a waste of money for me and I tried making it work though. I am surprised how it swatched so well but was horrible on the lips.  I know that Maybelline is pretty affordable but even the cheapest cost is a hard-earned money.

On the other end, let me give these guys a benefit of doubt. It is possible that since this is a pretty dark shade, the formulation might have been a little different and patchy but honestly, after one bad buy, I would not go back to this range.

Constantly Cabernet

Constantly Cabernet

PRICE: INR 600/-

You can buy the product HERE

Swatches & FOTD with Constantly Cabernet Super Stay by Maybelline New York:

Constantly Cabernet Swatches

Although personally, I did not like the product, it does not mean it might not work for you. There are tons of products I don’t like which have worked for others. Have you tried this range? what’s your verdict? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Apoorva Prasad

    I have the same shade and I have been using it for quite a while. Of you apply the lipstick on prepped lips without using the so called primer first, it stays on the whole day and will not come off unless you remove it with a high quality makeup remover. It goes on like paint. However, it may dry your lips after a few hours. If it does, you can then use the ‘primer’ for some moisturization. Try using it this way and see if your opinion of this product changes. I personally have found it to be super long-staying.


    1. Hey Apoorva,
      I am glad it worked for you. Like I said there are few purchases which have not worked for me but might have been kinder to others.
      I did try it out with the primer but I was definitely not happy with the quality of the product. I love matte a lot and my lips do not dry too soon but this one, when it started coming out, came out so flaky it was embarrassing. So, I did try to make it work twice once with the primer and once without them and then gave up on them. I have other liquid lipsticks and powdered matte lipsticks that last long and fades evenly but this would definitely be one of those purchases I would not recommend.


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