Polka dots are my new found obsession!! OOTD!!

Polka dots are my new found obsession!! OOTD!!

Hey people, you guys know I love anything to do with retro. I have always loved polka dots so much that I am obsessed with them now. I wanted to take few classic shots in something retro but yet simple and this is what this post is all about.

How can you rock Polka and glam everything up?

When I decide what to wear, I normally pick a central piece and other pieces are just to compliment it. In this case, my outfit is revolving around Polka dots. I picked up a cute spaghetti top with polka dots and made them into a halter neck top. By now, you guys know that I adore black and that is why I have opted for lovely black tulip mini-skit.  To make this even interesting, I have taken few pictures with and without stocking. This just shows how a small element can bring in something new to the whole outfit.

Coming to the makeup part, it had to be retro. I have opted for my favorite lip color which is RED!!! I have just winged my eyes to give it a lift and I am good to go.

Overall, I found the look to be easy and glamorous. It is definitely for those who want to look good in a jiffy.

Where can you buy the makeup?

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC 43.5) – Amazon.in

Coloressence HD Compact Powder – Amazon.in

Colorbar  All Matte Eyeliner – Amazon.in

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal – Amazon.in

L.A Pro Concealers – Amazon.in

Maybelline Colorshow Lip Matte (Red Carpet) – Amazon.in

Polka dots and oh so Retro!! OOTD –

Did you like the look and would you try it? Let me know in the comments below !!

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