Beachy Day in Striped Off-Shoulder Top !! OOTD!!

Beachy Day in Striped Off-Shoulder Top !! OOTD!!

Hello world, you guys by now know that I am obsessed with off-shoulder patterns. I know a lot of you believe that horizontal stripes make you look fatter or wider but that is such a cliche. I personally love horizontal stripes and that is why I bought this striped off-shoulder top from

I have always wanted to try this website and I opted for something that I would end up using. They had two colors: Red & Blue but since I always opt for Blue, this time I opted for Red. Now, I can vouch that patterns like these are very flattering even for someone curvy. Shying away from different patterns limits the possibility of us finding garments that flatter us. If you are in dilemma of how to play with cuts then you would possibly like my other article (Click Here)

Coming back to pairing something comfortable and breezy, I wore this to a nearby beach. Well, I just wanted something light and casual but also wearable. I opted for this striped off-shoulder top only because it looks super girly and fits beautifully.

Did I feel “Fat” wearing a horizontal striped off-shoulder top?

Nope !!!! I honestly loved the way it turned out to be. I do agree that patterns like these tend to make you a little curvy but definitely does not make you look fat. You definitely should wear things that you love and not blindly follow the rules of the world. Finding that one style that makes you comfortable is what can make you look good.

striped off-shoulder

How was my shopping experience with

Honestly, I loved the pattern and fit but I did not like the quality of the product. Though I got the deal pretty cheap, I would probably never buy from them again.  My whole attraction to a clothing piece would be the quality it has and unfortunately, does not fulfill it. I do see a lot of bloggers collaborating with for their clothing line but I do not see them as a brand that I would recommend based on the top that I purchased.

On the flip side, it may be the case that they do have amazing clothing but the one that I got might not have been great. Since I got only one top from them, it would be unfair on my part to judge the entire brand on it. You could try your luck and get a clothing piece to see if it works for you.

How did I pair them up and how was the makeup done?

Like I already mentioned, I wanted to keep them simple and yet glamorous. So, I opted for denim and sneakers with the striped off-shoulder top that I chose.

For my makeup, I had to choose Red because of the color of my top and because it looks lovely. I did highlight a bit for a natural glow. Other than that, I have not done way too much for this look.

You can see a small video on how comfortable it was for me to wear it .

Where can you buy the makeup?

striped off-shoulder

  • Coloressence HD Compact Powder –
  • Miss Claire Gel
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC 43.5) –
  • Maybelline Colorshow Lip Matte (Red Carpet) –
  • Sugar Eye Told- You So Smudge Proof Liquid Liner in Black –
  • Sugar Twist and Shout Fade Proof Kajal –
  • Makeup Revolution Longdon Vivid Shimmer in shade Brick Radiant –

Pairing my Red Striped Off-Shoulder OOTD :

striped off-shoulder

striped off-shoulder

striped off-shoulder

striped off-shoulder

Top: /Jeans: Levis India// Bag: Puma India// Shoes: Zara India // Neckpiece: Gifted

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On a lighter note, have you guys ever purchased from Missamore clothing? how was the experience?

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