Saffola Active Soups – My take on healthy life!!

Saffola Active Soups – My take on healthy life!!

Hey everyone,You guys know I love eating healthy and always opted for healthier options to eat but when the hunger pangs are way too much we tend to eat unhealthy food. If you guys remember, I had posted on Instagram on how I manage last minute hunger. Let me introduce you to Saffola Active Soups –

This cute red packaging came my way with three soups and a cute note. I love the mug though!! I was rushing to the office and this came at the right time to help me out. Every time I am hungry, I reach out to these guys and they always make me feel full.

What made me happiest is that Saffola Active Soups are 2% calories in one bowl which is almost like eating a roti. The ingredients are comparatively healthier than other fast foods that we hog on.

On a personal note, I love the classic tomato flavor out of all Saffola Active Soups and the little chunks of bread in them. Have you tried them? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below –





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