Fitness Clothing That Can Be Multi-Purpose ft. Speedo India

Fitness Clothing That Can Be Multi-Purpose ft. Speedo India

Hi lovely folks, I know a lot of you guys have been asking about fitness post since forever. Since that was not my forte I couldn’t muster the courage to post about it. Then when Mumbai Mirror asked me to talk about fitness and clothing, I was like why not!!!!! This definitely was not a direct collaboration and instead, Mumbai Mirror put me in contact with Speedo India for this. I was very happy because I am someone who loves multi-purpose things. When you want to spend your money, you can spend and take complete value for every penny. The idea was to promote something which you can wear to the gym as well wear it for swimming. So here I am introducing you to a multi-purpose fitness clothing option that could help you save a few bucks.

fitness clothing

How can you pair such fitness clothing?

Usually, either you buy the entire set which consists of a Capri pant and a full hand top or you could mix and match. I love such quick-drying fabrics and they are very easy to maintain in the long run. So I have a bunch of them but if you have a smaller collection then you can easily play with them. Always buy block colors instead of patterns as they are more versatile and can we used easily. Try now paring block pink or blue or black or even radical colors such as orange or neon. I for one took the easier route of getting the set instead of separate pieces.

My shoes at least for fitness do not consist of lighter colors as they are difficult to maintain and need a lot of time to maintain. I completely love these shoes and I have been using them for a year now. Again, single colors usually work the best and are always easier to pair-up, this is true for shoes as well.

Since bags are the only place that I can actually experiment, I opted for a neon pink duffle bag. Trust me when I tell you that I use them a lot and absolutely amazing bag for one.

fitness clothing

Makeup Details & Where To Buy Them?

Before everyone comes jumping on me, let me tell you that I never wear makeup when I workout because it does not let your body or face breathe. Honestly, when images are taken it looks weird not wearing makeup as even your smallest flaws are highlighted. In this post, I am wearing makeup but you could, of course, skip it in real life.

As some of the item listed below would need to be bought in the store I have not associated a link to them. We just need to rest assured that these are not dupes and you are paying for the original item.

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (NC41)
  • Miss Claire Gel
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC 42)
  • BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Water Proof Gel Liner
  • Colobar Duo Mascara
  • Makeup Revolution Longdon Vivid Shimmer in shade Brick Radiant –
  • Colorpop Lipstix in shade Grunge

OOTD with multi-purpose fitness clothing from Speedo India:

fitness clothing

fitness clothing

fitness clothing

fitness clothing

Pant & Capris : Speedo India // Shoes: Adidas India// Duffle Bag: Puma India

Did you like the look above? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Also you can see the article featuring me below –

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