Stay at Rock Hill Resort Kolad details

Stay at Rock Hill Resort Kolad details

Hello everyone, this has been on my blogging list for quite some time .Since I have other articles to publish, I missed this one. I went to Rock Hill Resort Kolad a couple of months back and published the outfit I wore in my first series HERE. I am here to show it to you guys on how simple yet luxurious it felt to be staying there.

Rock Hill Resort Kolad

How was the stay at Rock Hill Kolad?

The place had a stunning interior with a lovely bed and a very earthly restroom as well. I as such loved the porch a lot and how it looked. I need to be honest that I was getting ready for my other shoot which I posted HERE and the place was so beautiful to relax.

The climate was perfect as we went around the end of the year and it was not too cold or hot there. The resort also arranges river rafting for you. They have a package inclusive of food and absolutely anything. The staffs are really nice and do cater to any of the needs you have.

I chilled there before I got my outfit pictures taken. Although the signals are not really great up there, we do need it at times. As such, I keep going offline to be sane in this extremely social media-driven generation. Who am I kidding? I am a blogger, I need to stay online unless there are network issues.

Did I also tell you all that I drove my first ATV bike? No? Here it is, you can find the link below –

I was so nervous about driving something for the first time in my life but then I did it anyway. It was such a good retreat to take a break. Though this was to be a short post, I really want all of you to understand the importance of taking a break. This post is not sponsored or anything, I had to share it with you as the place was amazing to stay.

Have you guys ever gone to Kolad? If yes, where did you stay? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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