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Types Of Saree Fabric For Festive Season

Hello Saree lovers, Ask any Indian fashion enthusiast of her favorite ethnic pick and definitely she would go for sarees, sarees and different types of sarees only. Sorry for repeating but I can’t help it! While selecting types of online sarees to wear at different occasions, at once we generally forget the comfort quotient which happens…

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Clothing, For Women – Best Place To Rent

Hey fashion lovers ,I am back with one more outfit post 😀 I have been waiting to post these but unfortunately I come pretty late from office and it becomes almost impossible to sit in front of PC again . Have you guys heard of If not then let me tell you what they…

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Clothing, For Men

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Hello , Remember the poll that I took in the group ? Well here are the results .. !!! I have been always manipulating for sometime if I should write on this topic as most of you requested for styling tips for men , here we are. So I started looking around for inspiration and then…

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