OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake for Women Review

Hi lovely ladies ,

So I recently realized how I have been gaining so much weight and how I badly need some discipline when it comes to food. With this busy IT schedule I could not follow a proper healthy diet all the time , this is when I bumped into OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake. It has been more than a week and I can actually see the difference it has done to my eating habits.

Why do you need Protein supplements ?

Indian food habits are predominantly Carbohydrates and lacks in Protein . This is one of the major reasons why we take a long time to tone up even thouh we are physically active. More than half of our population lacks in Protein , we should do something about it shouldn’t we?

What does OZIVA aims to achieve ?

Let me quote them ” At OZIVA we aim at solving the basic challenge faced by many people – the lack of nutrition. We have worked with nutritionists and researchers to develop the perfect, nutrition-rich products ranging from well-rounded meal replacements to high protein blends, to help tackle the problems like irregular meal timings, faulty food choices, to combat the stress of a fast-paced life among other problems that are now a part of everyone’s life. ”

OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake

Why OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake for Women stands out ?

OZiva’s Protein & Herbs Shake for women is a product specifically designed for women.It stands out as it contains :

  • Whey protein isolates as the primary class-1 protein source which is able to pack 22 grams of the purest, fat burning & muscle-building protein per serving.
  • It encompasses a unique proprietary blend of Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari that helps bring about hormonal balance, Tulsi which has purifying properties, Green tea extract which acts as a powerful antioxidant and fat burner.
  • Oziva Protein & Herbs for Women is different because it digests rapidly, helps in muscle toning and the earthy properties of herbs help in maintaining better health of hair and skin, working both ways.OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake

How do you feel assured you are using the right product ?

Products by OZIVA are FSSAI approved and are made in FSSAI/ISO certified manufacturing units ensuring high quality. This assures that there are no addictives or steroids in these supplements.

How do I use OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake ?

I am someone who never has had sugar , I like the taste just with water. But if you are a foodie, these are the few ways you could consume them :

  • Make a mixed fruit smoothies
  • Have it like a milk-shake
  • Make pancakes , use these instead of refined flour
  • Bake them with little bit of dates and they would taste yum

Apart from this the exact instructions are given in the packaing and you could always read them .

What impressed me about OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake ?

I just read (from the PR mail of course !!) that on purchase of OZIVA products , I could get free Diet Consultation and Diet Plan. These have no hidden charges from what I understood. This is the one that caught my eyes.

OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake

I am a man , is this only for women?

No guys , it is not . You could always go to the website and find them for yourself .

You can browse here 

Where can I buy OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake?

You could buy it on Amazon.in or PayTm too . You could else visit their website too – Here .

OZIVA Protein & Herbs Shake

Cost : INR 1699/-

Did you guys try this ? What do you guys use ? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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How To Pair Tunic Tops TBT

Hi Everyone , since I do have lot of outfit post and seldom I put it up , the Throw Back Thursday’s post helps me achieve the same . I always get this question where people ask me how I pair tunic tops and hence this post is pretty relevant to the query.

What is the back story for this post ? Why This How to Pair Tunic Tops post?

Again this was in november around the same time I shot for Halterneck Post. This was a brunch on a rainy day and I also got to meet most of the people on my Chennai Bloggers Club.

I do not generally wear tunics as they tend to make me look fatter 😛 LOL but this one I love the color and that was the reason I got it. I paired them up with basic black legging and I was good to go.

How did I pair them ? What was the makeup done?

To be honest , I was not wearing much makeup in this one. All I had was Kohl and Liner (both in Black) . I have used Maybelline Colossal Kohl (Black) and I have used the Maybelline Super Liner (Black).

If you can see I did not even set my hair ( I know who does that right ? ) but it was fun and I got to meet my friends 🙂

Since this was not somewhere I planned to get dressed , I opted for my “going to a supermarket” look . I hope you like it and ignore my dark circles and frizzy hair please 😛

How To Pair Tunic Tops TBT


How To Pair Tunic Tops TBT

How To Pair Tunic Tops TBT

Top : Kumaran Stores // Legging : MAX Stores // Shoes : Ginger // Bag : Sion Leather Market (Mumbai) // Jewelry : Local Shops

Location Courtesy : TOVO Kitchen

Photo Courtesy : Arun Kumar

How do you pair yours ? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

How To Pair Tunic Tops TBT

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Halterneck Outfit TBT

Hi Everyone,

I am back with one more outfit post , thanks to my abundant stock of photos on my computer .

What is the back story for this post ? Why Halterneck Top?

This time I choose this because its really close to my heart one reason being that my friend Shaheen presented me this top . The second reason is that this was shot by Aperture as you all know nothing beats his creativity . Few of these are taken artistically and are beautifully edited so I had to share it with you all.

Ideally it was taken last November but as one thing or the other came up and I was not able to post them at all ( you know unending life-crisis ? THAT !!!!! ) I finally remembered that I had these and decided to share it with you all . Like I said since it was November and since it was raining , I could not take the pictures outdoor . All of them were shot inside and some of them did turn out to be perfect. This post does not have a head-to-toe picture though . I wanted my halterneck top to have all the focus and there you go.

Halterneck Outfit TBT

How did I pair them ? What was the makeup done?

I let it be as casual as possible , few things are best if they are effortless . I did opt for almost nude eyes as I was wearing MAC Ruby Woo on my lips. I opted for a red-lips are that just completes your whole look effortlessly. I did add a bit of liner just to define my eyes 🙂 And that is exactly how easy it is to pair up your halterneck top.


Halterneck Outfit TBT

Halterneck Outfit TBT

Halterneck Outfit TBT

Halterneck Outfit TBT

Location Courtesy : The Big Bang Theory and Ispani Centre

Photo Courtesy : Aperture / Business Mail : aperturebyabhilash@gmail.com

How do you pair yours ? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Hello ,

Remember the poll that I took in the group ? Well here are the results .. !!! I have been always manipulating for sometime if I should write on this topic as most of you requested for styling tips for men , here we are.

So I started looking around for inspiration and then who did I bump into ?? My old friend Vetri 😀 I thought if he doesn’t define style and class then who does. Hence , these tips are indirectly through him and delivered to you guys by me 😀 how awesome is it !!!

Here are the really simple 4 styling tips for men ,lets decode :

Blaze it on :

I know a lot of you feel that adding a blazer makes you look grumpy or fat but in fact it works just the opposite.It gives you a dimension and a sharp look. You can either match it up with your pants or work with something completely contrasting.

Also , the so-called rule of not wearing brown shoes with black pants are so last season. As long as you are not wearing too many colors , they look absolutely fine.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Suit- Blackberry // Shirt – levis // Pants- Louis Philippe // Watch – Fossil // Shoes – Custom made brogue

Shirt it up:

I know a lot of you guys have your closet full of shirts maybe of different colors and prints too . Check shirt being one of the most basic of all , also are the most versatile. If you like defining your shoulders but you like keeping it casual , this will work for you. Not only jeans you could pair them up with a formal shorts and they would still look classy.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt- Local Indian Brand // Pants- Levis // Watch – QnQ // Shoes – Adidas

Love your Office :

My excuse to go to office is to dress up , I am not joking about it !!! 😛

Like I said , check-shirts are the most versatile of all and you should stock them up as much as you can. Now, biggest fail would be wearing ill-fitted clothes which are either too big for you or too tight. Finding tailor-made office wear is the best way to impress your boss (trust me on this !! ) . Keep it simple and work with what works for you best.

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt- Local Indian Brand // Pants- Blackberry// Watch – G-Shock// Shoes – Ruosh

Customize your traditional wear :

Ok now this is relative to the place you belong to , for people in Chennai these silk made Veshti or Mundu is pretty common ( do not call it as lungi because it is NOT lungi 😛 )

Back to the whole point , no matter what you wear just customize it to what compliments you. Lets say add a chunky watch or pair of cool sunglasses and you are good to go. Now the tricky part is generally the footwear , opt for tan shoes or sandels as they go with most of the colors .

4 Basic Styling Tips for Men

Shirt – Van Heusen //Watch – G-Shock

This is exactly why you should have a friend who kills it all.. !!!!

Did you find the styling tips for men useful ? Comment below if you have more tips to share.

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Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream Review

Hello everyone , I know these days I have been obsessed with hair products so much and been reviewing quite a few . I bumped into Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream sometime back and have been using it regularly. Since it is raining and the humidity is increasing day by day I wanted to review this one. Lets see if this can save us from bad hair day 😛

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

How to use Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream?

Using Oil-In- Cream is probably the easiest thing you could ask for .You can use it in three ways :

1.Before Wash :

Just massage it into your scalp and leave it for sometime . Just rinse it and let it dry.

2.After Wash :

This is what i prefer , it works great like a leave-in Conditioner and saves me from horrible frizz.

3.Overnight :

You could massage it into your scalp and leave it overnight . Just wash it the next day and you are good to go.

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

Pros and Cons Of Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream :


  1. They are super affordable
  2. Available in every supermarket
  3. The quantity is great for the price you pay
  4. I love the fruity smell it has , wonderful
  5. It is defintely not oily and feels great on my hair
  6. Controls frizz to a great extent
  7. I did not face hairfall issues after using it (great!!!)
  8. The packaging is super cute , very travel friendly.


  1. I guess I do not exactly have any complaints with this product , one best buy.
  2. It has alcohol contents in them , so ideally it is not very best for you hair to be left on . That is one reason why I use them like a leave-in conditioner rather than leaving them overnight .

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

Priced at INR 100/- for 200ml

Will I recommend Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream ?

Yes , if your hair reacts to climate changes then this is the one. I would also recommend this because its pretty affordable for the quantity you get.

Garnier Fructis Oil-In-Cream

Rating : 4.5/5

I have reduced 0.5 from the rating because this product contains alcohol and that is not very good for your hair.

You could buy yours in Amazon.in , I have added the link so that its easy for you all 🙂

Did you try this product out ? Did you like it ? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Being An Indian Bridesmaid TBT

Hey all Indian Bridesmaid-to-be,

I am sure you have come here for inspiration because maybe your best friends wedding is on its way.Since its Thursday I was planning to show you guys my outfit that I wore for her wedding .

One of my closest friends got married and I did not shop for it . I picked up something that I already had and played with it . The fun part about today’s post is that I would be telling you guys on who did my friends makeup on her special day . Stay tuned..!!

Honestly , being a bridesmaid is hard anyways and if you are an Indian bridesmaid then don’t even ask !!!!! There are lot of jewelry , lots to decide on what to wear and how to pose for the pictures .. Argghh!!!

Since Indian wear is not my forte and not my greatest interest , I always opt for something very simple . If you had seen my previous Being a Bridesmaid series , you would know how I love dressing up during weddings . If you have not seen my previous series , here you go :

  1. Event 1
  2. Event 2
  3. Event 3

What did the Indian Bridesmaid wear this time ?

I kept the jewelries pretty simple , I focused on making my eyes as dark green as possible so as the pink in my dress doesn’t over power. I have used Ultra Matt V2 Darks Eye-shadow Pallet by Sleek Makeup which I have reviewed here .For my lips I have used Colorbar Velvet Matte in shade Blush as a tint and not a lipstick , you can view the review here . Since my hair did not set right that day , I didn’t care 😛

I kept my dress really simple as that is how I prefer it to be and the other reason would be because I did not get time to shop 😛

Indian Bridesmaid

Indian Bridesmaid

Indian Bridesmaid

Indian Bridesmaid

Indian Bridesmaid

Dress : RMKV //Necklace : GRT Jewelers //Rings and Bracelet : NAC Jewelers //Earrings : Local Shop in Chennai

How did the other Indian Bridesmaids look ?

Indian Bridesmaid

How did the Bride look ?

Indian Bridesmaid

Her makeup is lovely isn’t it ?? It was done by a good friend and a fellow blogger – Pavithra . You could see here blog here. Hahah!! The suspense is finally over isn’t it ? 😛

Photo Courtesy goes to my really awesome friend and my senior Arun Kumar

Did you like what I wore? I would love to hear what you think , let me know in the comments below 🙂

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5 Simple Ways To Redesign Your House

Hi Everyone ,

I know I do not talk much about decor in my blog but it was simply because of lack of inspiration for me . I recently bumped into Homify.in and got me thinking on how I could redecorate my house. So here we are , I am just going to tell you 5 simple ways to redesign your house. Lets be honest some of us have an emotional connection to the place we live and we would rather change the look of it than destroy it 🙂

Before I jump into giving you all ideas to redecorate you den , I would love to talk about Homify.in a bit . I visited their website and I love how things are organised there . You could just click on one of their categories on the page and it would direct you to a set of cool ideas . These are associated with designers who provide you free consultations. This is when I also found new ideas for my room as well 😀

Jumping back to what I was talking about 🙂

here are

5 Simple ways to redesign your house :

1.Let You Wall Speak :

Yes , this is the simplest of all . Just find an abstract painting or any artwork you love and see it transform your home. Let you wall tell a story and just fall in love with them <3

Interior decoration with modern art works: Modern Artwork von SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS


2.Add Some Color In The Most Unexpected Places :

It feels great to be creative , you make your bathroom or your balcony as colorful as possible . This would not cost you much but yes it would require your time and imagination . Ready anyone?

Racks with Bins: Modern Bathroom von Image N Shape


3. Decorate Your Rooms With A Statement Piece :

If there are space constraints , try getting innovative with whatever space that are available. Now , you could add lights or amazing wood work or both 🙂

Bedroom cot headboard design with CNC Pattern: Eclectic Bedroom von Bonito Designs Bangalore


4. Utilize The Corners In The House :

Don’t tell me that you have never complained of having enough space !! I know been there and done that. This is where the fun part comes in , lets say there are few vacant corners but what will you do with them. You could either convert them to bookshelf or closets or even a prayer corner .

pooja room: Modern von drashtikon designer consultant


5.Invest On Quality Furniture :

Honestly, this is where the ” money” part comes in . Just buy the best furniture you can afford (in terms of quality and not only looks ) because they come for a very long time and are basically an one-time investment. I would suggest you to go with classic colors and nothing too bright and amazing if you could get everything in wood.

Now this also could mean you could make your wardrobe in the best possible quality and design . To make it easier for you all, you could go here to see amazing wardrobe designs for your house.

Chattarpur Farmhouse New Delhi: Modern Dining room von monica khanna designs


These are the most easiest ways to redesign your house , if you have more tips then comment below or connect with me and yes do visit Homify.in for more :

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Hey All,

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray is a unisex product , since lot of you do want me to review a product that can be used by men as well I have picked this up. I have previously reviewed TIGI Control Freak Serum which is also from the Bed Head range as TIGI Hard Head Hairspray. Since these two can be used by both men and women , they are an one time investment and are extremely versatile.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

How to use TIGI Hard Head Hairspray?

Typically you should hold them about 10-15 cms away from you hair and apply them after you have roughly done your hairstyle . These stay as long as the next wash you do so as soon as you don’t need that particular hairstyle all you would need to do is take a hairwash .

Tip : To control fray hair or frizz , you could spray a little on your hairbrush/comb and comb it through before it dries off .

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Pros and Cons Of TIGI Hard Head Hairspray:


  1. I love the packaging , it has classic silver and black and it is extremely sturdy.
  2. The stay is pretty good , it stays till the next time you wash your hair
  3. I love that it has no foul smell
  4. Helps in controlling frizz as well
  5. Since it is unisex , it can be used by everyone you know
  6. Great quantity for the price you pay


  1. It is heavy and hence not travel friendly
  2. Not easily available

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Priced at INR 950/- for 385 ml

you could buy them here or even at Salons.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Will I recommend TIGI Hard Head Hairspray ?

Yes, if you do not mind shedding few bucks then this is a good investment.You would have to agree they give a lot of product for the cost you pay so it lasts really long . I always prefer making an one time investment as it saves my time and effort so yes I love this product

Rating : 4.5/5

( -0.5 as the bottle is too heavy and isn’t travel friendly)

This is a good buy if love styling your hair and want to make it stay longer . It is also good if you have an unmanageable hair , it heaps to define it .

FOTD at TIGI Music festival 2015:

Remember when I went to this music festival last year in the month of May ? if you don’t you can see it here .

My hair was styled using this exact same product.

TIGI Hard Head Hairspray Review

Have you used TIGI Hard Head Hairspray ? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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Note :This is a sponsored post . However , the views and opinions expressed here are my own . The reviews are done honestly and has no influence from the sponsors.

Colorbar Velvet Matte Blush Lipstick Review

Hi lipstick lovers,

You remember I always tell you that I would get you alternatives for everything in any product I recommend ? Today’s Review is Colorbar’s Velvet Matte Blush (04M) Lipstick which is actually a dupe of Loreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) which I reviewed recently. This Blush Shade was given to me by my friend Pavithra of Makeupmartini.com ,she felt I do not try out any other shade than Red. What surprised me was how amazing it looked on my skin-tone .

One thing led to another and I purchased Loreal Paris Pure Garnet as well as they both look very similar except a little difference in texture.

It has a beautiful wine shade which is more towards the purple-pink family than red family. I love the shine it gives , it does not have gloss or sparkles which is a relief .

Colorbar Velvet Matte Blush Lipstick Review

Pros and Cons Of Colorbar Blush :


  1. Cheaper for the quality they provide
  2. I love the coverage it gives , just two swipes to make it dark
  3. Does have a pearly finish which I love
  4. Would look good on olive and duskier skin-tone
  5. I love the smell of it
  6. The package is sturdy and travel friendly
  7. Easily available and affordable
  8. It last for about 6 hours even after you eat or drink anything
  9. Who doesn’t like Wine shades ?


  1. It does transfer a bit I find that annoying
  2. Though it is a matte it does have a shine to it , some peple maynot appreciate it
  3. Might look loud of fairer skin-tone
  4. Since it is loud , it might highlight your imperfections

Priced at INR 325/-

you can buy it for lesser in Amazon.in or you could browse them for more here 

Will I recommend Blush ?

I would for just two reason , one because it is pretty inside the budget and second because this color is really beautiful on Indian Skin-tone . The Colorbar Velvet Matte Blush is a perfect shade if you want to go for a wedding . For me this has become a daily wear, lets just say I love how it brightens my face up. There are very few shades that are made for duskier yellow toned skin and this one wins hands-down for the quality it gives .


Colorbar Velvet Matte Blush Lipstick Review

Comparing Velvet Matte Blush and Pure Garnet:

Colorbar Velvet Matte Blush Lipstick Review
If you could see Pure Garnet is purely matte but Blush has a shine to it .

FOTD by creating a look:

Have you tried this shade or another shade from the Colorbar Velvet Matte Range? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Pure Garnet Lipstick Review and more

Hello Ladies ,

Welcome to one more beauty product review , I would be reviewing Pure Garnet shade from the Star Collection of Loreal Paris .This shade is popularly know as the “Sonam Kapoor” shade in India because that is how it was launched .

People who know me would know that I just adore lipsticks and I love them more if they are dark and gaudy . Would you even believe it if I tell you that I wear them to my office too ??? 😛 Yes after Ruby Woo , this is my present favorite which I would gladly wear anywhere.

Sonam Kapoor's Pure Garnet
Sonam Kapoor’s Pure Garnet

This range has different shades of red which are pretty wearable , people like me who love wearing read even during day time would surely love this range. I have tried lot of L’Oréal’s lipsticks but this Star Collection range remains my favorite till date. The have launched few shades keeping the country in mind , Freida Pinto’s Red , Aishwarya’s Red and Sonam Kapoor’s Shades are unique to India . The whole idea is to find the perfect pink.

Lets just say of-late I have been hogging on Red’s and this one caught my attention . Pure Garnet is Wine Red, its deep and dark . It is a dupe of MAC Rebel but yes at a more affordable cost 😛 This color is pretty flattering on Indian skin tone , I would call it more of a burgundy shade than red though .

Sonam Kapoor's Pure Garnet
Sonam Kapoor’s Pure Garnet

Pros and Cons Of L’Oreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Lipstick:


  1. I love the packaging , the classy black body with Sonam Kapoor’s Signature on them looks chic.
  2. This is my favorite color of all , you could wear it to the office as well if you can pull this off.
  3. I love the mild smell it has.
  4. It stays put the entire day for me and I don’t need a touch up.
  5. Don’t know if this is just me , you don’t need anything else if you have this on your face
  6. Easily available on both stores and online
  7. Adds variants to your collection of lipsticks
  8. This is a timeless shade , everyone of all age groups could wear it
  9. Suits all skin-tone
  10. I love the texture it gives , light on the lips and perfect matte.
  11. Not drying unlike retro mattes


  1. The price is on the higher range considering that it is coming from Loreal Paris
  2. Though it suits most people , its a tricky shade to play with . I would recommend you to try it in store before them them either from the store or from any online retailer


Priced at INR 995/-

This is a good buy if you love adding colors to your lipstick collection

Will I recommend Pure Garnet ?

Do I look like a crazy woman who won’t ??? Obviously go for it if you do not have this shade 😀 . Yes it is on the higher side but well you can get them online for half the price 😛 (shhh!! That’s how I got it)


Loreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Swatch
Loreal Paris Pure Garnet (Sonam Kapoor) Swatch

FOTD without makeup

FOTD using this to create a look

Pure Garnet

You can buy on Amazon.in 🙂


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Photo Courtesy : Aperture / Business Mail : aperturebyabhilash@gmail.com